Why Lease A Color Copier And Printer?

When your company needs a color copier and printer, buying a cheap one may not be a good idea. Though it seems like the right choice, if the volume is high and an excellent quality is required, a cheap one won’t address the need.

The ones typically found for sale in stores are generally for home use. The output of a home printer costs up to 5 times more than a commercial color printer. One meant for personal use cannot also meet the requirements of many establishments and facilities.

Having a quality color copier and printer reduces the cost of outsourcing material. The materials that are typically printed using a color copier include that for presentations, brochures, banners, and calling cards. It also takes out the hassle of the need of having to order and wait for these to be shipped. If you outsource, there is usually a minimum number of copies that should be made.

If you have a color copier and printer, on the other hand, it’s possible to create and edit such material with the proper software. And, with your new color copier, you’re ready to print and make copies, as many or as little of what’s needed, anytime.

The cost of a color copier might seem prohibitive, yet it does save money in the long run. To save on this expense, you may want to lease a color copier and printer. The newer models are all-in-one and it’s like having a number of office machines such as a scanner, fax, copier, and printer. The features are useful such as scan to email, both sides printing, and document finishing. These can also store images.

The printing speed range from 40 to 100 prints per minute, unlike personal copiers that can produce around 10 to 20 prints per minute. These new copiers may be used for nearly all kinds of paper.

Leasing a color copier is a good option. You’ll be able have the latest model to suit the requirements. It costs much less than an outright purchase. If you lease a color copier, you will also have the option of getting supplies like ink and toners. Most leasing copier companies do preventive maintenance service on their units. If the copier is regularly maintained, the chances of it malfunctioning and breaking down is greatly reduced.

For quality prints, clear copies, to reduce costs, and to be able to do these tasks in-house, your office needs a business or a commercial color copier. Though an outright purchase is feasible, the choice to lease is financially sound. It, also, serves to eliminate the need for looking for supplies since the services are scheduled. If there is a need for a repair, all you have to do is to request the leasing company to send a technician.

If leasing a color copier is an option you have not explored before, you’ll surely require more details such as knowing what are the terms of the lease, the copiers available, and how much it will cost. You might want to request for information from a reliable company like Copier lease Louisville. We have the color copiers that can suit your requirements, call (502) 208 4255.