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How To Choose A Low Maintenance Copier?

When a copier breaks down, it can curb productivity. It’s such a hassle to call a repairman because it’ll take time for the unit to get fixed. And, the cost might be a bit too much, especially if the copier needs to be repaired often. Copier repairs vary from unwanted marks, paper jams, lines on the printed material, and other similar problems. The repair work could be either minor or major, but whatever the case is, you might prefer to use a low maintenance copier.

Here are a few guidelines on how to choose a low maintenance copier:

  • Read product reviews. There are many copier reviews online. Most of them provided detailed information about the copier’s brand and model. There is typically customer feedback that includes rating. These product reviews provide the awareness needed when choosing a copier.
  • Know the capacity required. What is the volume of printout and copies made monthly? Is the use of the copier going to be high, medium, or low?
  • Make a list of the desired features. Copiers have various features. A couple of these are document finishing and duplexing, which is printing on both sides of the paper. There are also copiers that may be integrated into the office network. Choosing a copier that has the features needed can greatly reduce the workload of the copier. When the workload of this office machine is reduced, there is less need for maintenance.
  • Know the required quality. Is the copier going to be used to print out promotional materials like brochures? Or are the things to be copied and printed mainly black and white documents? Choose the copier with accordance to the desired quality of the printed and copied materials.
  • Choose the copier speed.  Are the documents to be copied voluminous? Is the demand for copies to be made quite low? Copiers do vary in speed. Some make around 8 copies per minute while the fast ones may make over 100 per minute.

In choosing a low maintenance copier, the unit should fit the requirements. If the copier is overloaded, the wear and tear is faster, making the need for repair more frequent.

Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Like a vehicle, a copier must be serviced. Preventive maintenance should be done often. If you have a copier service agreement, the routine maintenance may be scheduled ahead of time. Preventive maintenance keeps the copier working at optimum performance. It also will extend the longevity of this office machine.

If you have ever struggled with a copier that had the paper jammed or had copies with unwanted marks and lines, it’s the most perfect moment to have the equipment serviced. When the copier does not suit the requirement, you may want to look around for a unit that can replace the existing one. And, the copier maybe breaking down too often.

Isn’t it about time to get a new one?

There’s a way to have a new copier that doesn’t require a hefty investment. What you can get would be one of the latest models. Since there are a lot of choices at Copier lease Louisville, you’ll find the lowest maintenance copier that’ll suit your requirements.