The first consideration that many people to not recognize in regards to photocopiers is its size. A photocopier is not going to simply occupy the room on which it is located, but it also require space in its front and sides to ensure optimum usage and maintenance.

You should always give consideration to the actual place of work you can dedicate to the machine itself. Then try to create a good flow of traffic towards and around the machine to ensure that it is not in the way and is particularly accessible to the individuals who need to make use of. Remember that photocopiers also consume paper and ink or powder and that you should also make provisions for these as well.

Another consideration would be the power consumption from the machine. Photocopiers are typically left powered on most of the time. This means that the equipment will be continuously using electricity. Attempt to consider only models that use modest to small amounts of power as opposed to power-draining photocopiers. These will help you lower the overhead cost. Also, less power consumption is a sign of good manufacturing quality. Most photocopier machines nowadays feature low wattages suited for office use.

Another primary aspect is ease of use. Regardless of the number of features a copier may have, if your employees cannot decipher it , then you are better off with a machine that has lesser attributes but is easy to handle. This will likely also save you time training personnel to use a complicated machine. Best of all, this will help prevent problems brought on by misuse of the machine due to insufficient familiarity with the photocopier.

Now we look into the machine itself.

Photocopiers possess two distinct features, one is speed, and also the other is quality. These factors usually are not reliant on each other and neither one should be compromised if both are deemed important.

Speed is shown as the amount of copies a piece of equipment can duplicate within given amount of time. This is greatly improved by machines which include good sorting provisions and the ability to copy multiple consecutive sources. While the photocopying speed alone speaks volumes for any machine, the time that personnel take sorting the copies or preparing new sources consume lots of time and should be thought of as well.

Quality will depend on the actual copies being produced. If your office requires good clear copies particularly with fine details, then you may opt to select a Canon photocopier that is best suited to the task. On the other hand, it is equally wise to foresee what quality levels you may need.

With these considerations notion, keep in mind that photocopiers, like other electronic machines require occasional maintenance and repair. Looking for a supplier with good service coverage and warranty would also be a wise choice.

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