What DIY Maintenance Services Can You Do With Your Digital Copier?

The introduction of digital copiers was a big relief for many modern businesses. Many offices have turned to digital copiers since this kind of machine saves them from purchasing other office equipment. Digital copiers are machines that have multiple functions with them, which include copying, printing, scanning and even faxing. Current technology is also making these machines more affordable; thus, suitable for home use, as well.

Like any other office equipment, regular maintenance of your machine is needed to ensure that it will work well, all the time. The time you spent on taking care of them will definitely reflect on its performance and will work longer for you.

Here are a few points to consider to make your machine as healthy as possible:

Let it rest.

Overheating is a big factor when it comes to electronic equipment and yours is not an exemption. Give your copier ample time to cool down after some heavy printing.

Put them also on a relatively good area where there is ample ventilation. Try not to block its four sides to ensure that heat is dispersed off easily. Having an ample space around the machine will also ensure that paper dust will not stay inside the machine. Once an ample amount of dust has accumulated inside your machine, sensors will malfunction, gears can be blocked and it will render the machine pretty useless.

Regularly clean the machine.

Owners should be responsible enough to clean their machines on a regular basis. This will make the internal mechanisms work flawlessly. Once every month is sufficient enough to keep the machine in tip top shape.

Using compressed air is advisable in removing dust and other particles. To clean the flatbed, you can use glass cleaner. A soft cloth is also meant to be used so you won’t damage the parts that you’re going to wipe off.

Assign a single person to clean it regularly.

It is equally important that only one person is assigned to do the task. The reason behind is familiarity with the machine. There is a chance that more harm can happen on the machine when other people try to fix it simply because they are unfamiliar.

If possible, have this person get some basic training from your supplier for some basic troubleshooting to be aware with issues that might happen to the copier.

Paper Jams.

When paper jam happens, try not to tear up the page that got stuck because this may create more harm. Instead, try to remove the paper slowly and according to the way the paper should go.

Keep it turned on.

These digital copiers were designed to have a standby mode. This technically consumes very minimal electricity compared to its operating mode and is not a big concern when it comes to power consumption. The machine will greatly benefit from it since this will keep the internal blower to be fully functional at all times. It will turn off by itself if it seems fit.

Also, do not turn off your machine after printing, especially after doing a large print job. This also concerns the blower which will continue to keep the temperature down and will turn off by itself if the machine reaches the right temperature.