What Most People Did Not Know About Copier Leasing Agreements In Louisville?

Leasing a copier is one of the best means that can be utilized by a business to acquire expensive office equipment without making a major outlay of cash. Similar to how a car lease is issued, a copier lease makes you pay for the period that the machine was used and the return of the equipment is made at the end of each lease term.

How to manage your copier leasing agreement?

One of the most common questions that business owners have about leasing is when they can upgrade or change the copier that they currently have. Unless there was a dramatic change in your business or with any of your vendors, as a general rule, it is not advisable to end your lease prematurely until the last year of the lease. Once you have reached this period in your lease, the vendor can offer you a discount that can make up for the payoff that you have due to the original copier leasing company. Upgrading early on into your lease term increases the amount that you have to pay to the original leasing company.

There is also the issue of what would be the best thing to do when the copier lease is up. It is common for copier leases to have a clause indicating what customers are required to do once the lease comes to term. Typically, customers should provide a letter stating their intentions and they will be given a specific time frame to accomplish this, generally between three to four months from the time that the copier lease ends. Failure to provide this information to the leasing company means that your lease automatically gets renewed for another month or year, depending on what the contract states.

It is very common to see businesses lose track of when their lease expires and they fail to notify their lease company of their intentions to terminate the contract. Finding a leasing company that offers the extra service of notifying their customers that a lease will come to term soon will surely be in your best interest and will ensure that you have only the best copier leasing experience.

What about surge protectors program to the copier maintenance routine?

If you have leased a multi-function copier that can copy, print, and scan, you will see that this will soon become a vital part of your workplace. If you have this type of high-end office equipment, it will benefit you to have a maintenance program including at least a surge protector program.

Power outages can be very unpredictable and any power surge can easily blow out the circuit boards of your copier, cause error codes, or create other general problems that may cause your copier to stop working. Having issues with your multi-function copier can be very expensive and the disruption can mean loss of your company’s productivity. Having a copier maintenance program is your insurance against all of these.

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