Where To Position Copy Machine To Increase Office Productivity?

A photocopier will definitely make an office more efficient. Without it, completing tasks will be very difficult for personnel. Not only will it save time, it will also save money for the company. Therefore, having a unit positioned perfectly in the office is vital for any company or business.

On the other hand, as time goes by, creating an office layout may not be as easy as it was before. Now, there are a lot of things to consider such as different equipment like computers, shredders and staff before deciding where to place your copier machine. In reality, this is one the most difficult tasks in creating an efficient office layout.

Nowadays copiers are no longer used for just copying like it used to twenty years ago where someone is assigned to do all the copying for everyone. Offices now have a multifunction copier where you can send faxes, do scans, and copy- all in one machine. These functions, therefore, need to be taken into account when deciding where to put the copier machine to create an efficient office layout.

Easy access to a copier is the most efficient way in creating an office layout.

If a copier is used for many different functions, then the best place will be in the middle of the office so everyone can access the machine with ease. It will save a lot of time and effort going back and forth from the machine. On the other hand, placing the copier in the middle of someone’s cubicle is a big no. It needs to be out of the way where it’s not going to interfere with people’s work.

Copier should be placed away from the vent or radiator.

Placing your copy machine near a vent or radiator is not a good idea as it may cause problems when the vent throws out hot air during winter and cold air during summer. Many don’t realize that these machines are like humans too in a way—they need to breathe; hence, having good airflow around the machine is a great way to maintain your copier in good shape.

No one should put a copier inside a closet where people will have to walk into a small room just to fax, copy, scan, and print. To create an efficient office layout, the copier has to be near an outlet and a receptacle where you can connect the network cable (RJ45 also known as Ethernet Cable) to the machine. Keeping the copy machine close to the electric outlet and the Ethernet port is a perfect way to create the most efficient office layout possible.

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