Thinking about printers, we always try to figure out which one is the better. Laser printers have been an advantage in terms of printing work. But things will always have their disadvantages also.

Laser printers are the best choice for business printing, but on the other hand, perhaps not always.

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Laser printers have limited scope to offer, unlike photo-oriented inkjet printers, which have beyond yellow, cyan, black, and magenta. Perhaps laser printers can do so much for the business color output, even with photographs and documents requiring quality fine colors and tone. But not so better as compared to the inkjet printer using a solid ink printer. The problem is that laser printers cannot print in color at all, so it is more likely to cause an impact on the users but not on the owners of the inkjet solid printers.


Although laser printers have a quality printer’s output on regular copy paper using black text and work so well with any type of regular paper, they are not so good with special papers. And also, the path between them sometimes complicates the paper travel and fuser rollers in high temperature inside of them. So, it is better to design specifically laser papers that you need to use for anything than the ordinary or choose to risk damaging your printer.


Perhaps this is not the best choice nor an option to offer cheapest for small businesses. A laser printer is pretty expensive given the high cost of some laser printers in small color, so it only means that it is also expensive to buy them. This gives the inkjet the advantage of having a lower cost of ownership in total.


Laser printers use a toner that contains chemicals, plastics, and colorants. They are a microscopic powder that can be picked up by air and carried away. Worst, it is when you can get to breathe.  Some emit toner particles in large quantities. This contributes to indoor pollution spread in the air. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that this thing is dangerous, but nothing is wrong with keeping your laser printer in a well-ventilated place.


A laser printer cannot use low-quality papers because they will risk causing damage to the printer. Also, they are sensitive to heat, so it is more likely to cause jams on the printer. Some papers are only specifically designed for the laser printer, not all types of papers.


Compared to an inkjet printer, laser printers are bulkier and heavier. The delicate components and imaging drum make it larger. So, this makes it an inconvenience to carry around being not portable.


Laser printers cannot be recommended as a preferred option for printing photographs and other materials in graphic images. They cannot produce color prints even simply because they are poor in handling graphic images to achieve higher quality. So, in this case, the inkjet printer is a preference.


When not in use, laser printers consume a higher amount of energy. The fuser inside the printer tends to release heat. This makes the room very warm. This is one reason why they are not a preference in humid places. However, in the latest model comes a “Power saver” mode. This can save at least some power.


In choosing a printer fit for your choice, the laser printer is not a good choice for one. It is not a good choice in terms of color printing, cost, power consumption, graphics handling, physical size, paper use, health matters, and people’s preference.

I can recommend an inkjet printer instead of having the better features but not expensive.