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HP LaserJet Pro 300 color MFP M375nw Review: The High-Quality Print Exceeds All Others

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In Louisville, there are a lot of business in the search for the perfect multifunction copier for their offices. Of course they may be no perfect machine out there, but there are those that are close.With the prominence of MFPs out there, it is hard to really pick which one is the most efficient in
all business aspects. There are also some new brands popping up that may offer tempting features for their models. Since this is just risky, you should take a look in this HP’s laserjet MFP called the HP LaserJet Pro 300 color MFP M375nw.

Many HP patronizers in Louisville will surely be thrilled with the following features this particular model has:

Quality Print

Not all multifunction office printer make quality print. It must be its mass production essence that throws away room for that other feature. However, HP made sure this model does not do that.Here you are guaranteed quality monochrome and color prints. Tests have shown that the copier has printed consistently quality outputs. The black texts were really defined, while the
boldfaced texts were also set to a quality distinction from regular texts that some printer fail to deliver. The color prints also displayed bright colors as accurately printed from their soft copies.

Most other copiers for offices lack the sense of quality. That is just when it goes bad for many copier models. That is why at this aspect, the Laser Jet Pro is already a winner. If you are in the aesthetics industry, you better get this particular copier from your nearest copier leasing agent in your area.

Print Speed

There are some reviews on this device claiming that it is really slow when it comes to printing.However, actual tests show that that is just a hoax. The average speed for this printer is 8 pages per minute for a 5-page text document; extremely impressive. It is clearly not the“slowest” MFP there is as most reviews say.

Color prints also only take a speed rate of 10 pages per minute. That is cool given that with the quality this printer produces, it shows it doesn’t take too much time like most. You also won’t have to worry about signing a copier lease for another machine because one of these is fast enough. You won’t have to worry about printing queues in the printing room of your office.

High Yield Performance

HP has 2 different black toner cartridges for this model. Using the high yield feature of this machine, it gives a black page cost of 2.7p and a color page, 12.3p. These costs are noteworthy. If you are looking for a cost-efficient long-term office machine, this is your guy right here. You may consult with copier lease Louisiana dealers in your area to get more details about these costs. While you’re at it, go check some copier lease deals as well already.

Wireless Feature

Offices these days have a variety of devices brought into it. It is not just desktops now that run an entire workplace. There are employees bringing in their own laptops, smartphones, etc., and it is of course a big help to have those. With those devices of theirs, they get to do their tasks quickly and hands-on. With these devices readily available for a copier is such a good thing.

The LaserJet Pro has a wireless feature that enables connection to the cited devices. It is a big help when it comes to efficiency.