How Digital Copier Technology Has Evolved

Using an old digital copier might make you feel like being stuck in the Jurassic age. The buttons may be small, the operating instructions may be confusing, it might stall frequently, and the size of the copier might be quite large.

The latest digital copier models have addressed those irritating issues and more. The changes made have been tremendous, making the older models workable but rather obsolete. Like most technological items, the improvements have been made by leaps and bounds.

When it comes to this vital office machine, you don’t want to be left behind. Though the older digital copier models that you might still be using for the business isn’t conking out yet, it may be groaning for a replacement. You might want to explore the ease of use of the more efficient, streamlined, high-tech digital copiers.


Control Panel and Network Interface

When using the latest digital copiers, a person no longer has to push a multitude of buttons to operate it. The control panel may be accessed from a computer. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to do the required task as it is integrated into the office network or is connected wirelessly. The control panel would mainly be used if the project is complex and for diagnostic checks only.

Though older models do have touchscreens, the latest digital copiers have more responsive ones. The input system is a delight to use as it is similar to that of a tablet. These touchscreens are large, making it easier to key in the commands that have been simplified. These upgrades have made these touchscreens look like smartphone display. The advancement of digital copiers isn’t just the way the control panel looks. What is most fascinating is how these work to include:

  • Machine performance on a higher level;
  • Better monitoring controls for higher quality printing;
  • More options to place security access codes;
  • Changing print color and theme is possible and fast; and
  • There are some newer models that have pop-out touchscreens.


Leasing a Copier

The advancement in technology is fast. What is in today might be outdated tomorrow. We might be stuck with an old copier and other office machines that hamper productivity. New ones do offer far better features and are multi-functional.

  • Does your business have a digital copier machine?
  • Does it have the latest kind of control panel?
  • Is your office networked to the copier?

It is a wise decision to retire that old copier model yet, we may have to consider budget constraints. Purchasing a new office machine might not be possible. Plus, the old copier might not have a good resale value. There is another option to purchasing a new digital copier. There is no need to make a large investment. Copier lease Louisville will serve this purpose, providing the business the latest digital copier models.

There are numerous benefits to using a new digital copier for business. The employees can save time and motion as they don’t have to walk back and forth to use the copier. The office network will be more in sync. And, with the latest digital copier technology, the streamlined efficiency of the company may be greatly enhanced.