What Are the Benefits Of Leasing A Used Copier?

The most common misconception that most customers have with used copiers is that it will not perform like a new model and that used copiers have something wrong within them. Actually, it is a very inaccurate presumption.In fact, nothing is wrong with it.

There are a lot of instances that the requirement of a business has changed and the services of their earlier copier no longer meet their demands. Either too much or too little and from an economical point of view, it is not good for a business.

A lot of people and businesses have acquired a lot of used copiers this way and most of them have said that used machines have served the purpose well. Not too long ago in the copier leasing industry, a Konica Minolta copier was leased by a business. Unfortunately, 18 months after, the business closed down. Equipment as these are what most leasing companies buy and offer to their clients.

For a copier, a year and a half is not that much. Slightly used, still in a great shape, and nothing is malfunctioning and broken. It still has many more years of heavy use and efficient work.

So if you are leasing a copier from Copier lease Louisville, amongst the long list of options are slightly used machines; not a broken one and definitely not an abused one.

What will you benefit if you lease an old one over a new one.

  • To start with, you still need to be familiar with how much volume of copying you require from a machine. A used copier is not for everybody. If your place of business requires a high volume of color copying every day, it will be best to purchase a new model. If you require a combined total of around a thousand colors and black copies a month, then go ahead and get a used machine,this is the most viable option for you.
  • Leasing a used copier is similar in leasing a new machine, which means that services and supplies are included in the package. You will just be paying a lower price for the used one, almost half the cost of a new one.
  • Most of the time, when you lease a used machine, you are actually getting a far better machine than what you can with a new one. The price of a small new machine is almost the price of a used bigger model. Ultimately, you are saving money for your business.
  • Also, the larger the machine is, the cheaper it gets to operate. Color prints from a large one will need 6-9 cents and black cost a penny. On a small machine, it will be 25 for color and 4-5 cents on black.

So, if you are ready to get a good deal on a used copier, let us know and we will discuss your options. If you are still undecided yet, let us also know so we can enlighten you more about the matter.